Monday, February 2, 2009

box for intancuppies!

cup for intancuppies

special box additional RM4 (including ribbon) ~ available for 16 pieces and 25 pieces

wedding box for RM2++/box (including ribbon)

box for any special occassions only RM1.80/box
(only available for cupcake saiz m)

box for any special occasions for RM2.50
(only available for cupcake saiz L)

box for wedding and special occassions for only RM0.50.
(availabale for cuppies saiz S and M)
box for 6 cupcakes saiz M

1 comment:

  1. assalamualaikum. sye nk tnye.
    kalau sye nk order a box for 6 cupcakes size M,
    brp ringgit yea?
    n msh buat delivery utk a box of 6 tu ke?
    design pulak, yg simple (heart,flower,butterfly)..hntr terus ke ampang,
    total utk sume2 tu brp yea? ..